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HSE Library: Customer Service and Strategic Documents

Overview of HSE Library's mission, vision, values and achievements


HSE Library has a 5 year strategy in place "HSE Library Strategy 2024-2029".  This outlines our ambitious programme of work and much has been achieved to date.  

A Strategy Steering Group is chaired by Dr. Ana Terrés, Assistant National Director of HSE Research and Evidence.  This Group is made up of senior stakeholders of the HSE and meets quarterly.  The remit of the Group is to steer the implementation of the HSE Library strategy in the same direction as the HSE, in terms of achieving strategic organisational objectives.


Customer Charter

HSE Library Customer Charter outlines our commitment to customer service and is displayed in all HSE libraries in the HSE.

Customer charter

Value Statement: How the HSE Health Library Ireland adds value

HSE Library provides crucial support to our frontline professionals and decision makers throughout the health service.


Evidence Informed Healthcare

The HSE Library Evidence Team produces up-the-minute summaries of evidence to guide frontline professionals and managers in the health service.  These summaries are captured in a dedicated collection at the HSE’s Lenus repository for immediate and universal access. The team works in collaboration with senior clinical and managerial offices within the HSE, including national clinical programmes and Clinical Design and Innovation.  Online triage and discussion meetings assist with getting the right information to the right people at the right time. Their expert information searching and evaluation skills have greatly accelerated and streamlined the work of clinicians and decision makers, and have been acknowledged at the highest levels of the organisation.  


Digital solutions

The HSE Library Digital Library Team provide digital knowledge solutions connecting a robust and flexible network of information professionals from Blanchardstown to the Burren. To enhance our service to users, the Digital team has introduced a Virtual Desk service. The Virtual Desk replicates online many of the functions of a physical issue desk, and enables HSE staff to access library services remotely. A Live Chat function allows library users to get professional library advice in real time.  The Virtual Desk service is staffed by a team of  library staff, located throughout the country.


Reliable Information Resources

HSE Library continues to provide an extensive suite of high-quality electronic resources to equip healthcare workers with the latest evidence and guidance in the address complex health issues. Clinical databases and journal collections have been available uninterrupted, while diagnostic and reference tools like the British National Formulary and UpToDate are also accessible online. Nationwide access to the BMJ Best Practice decision-making tool has placed this powerful clinical tool in the hands of every health professional in the country. 


Knowledge Skills

The HSE Library Information Skills team circulate details of online training available to all staff, including for example Endnote, Web of Science and CINAHL.   The team offers a remote training programme which will support evidence informed decision making and practice.



HSE Library is flexible, responsive and proactive in supporting our healthcare workers in their work. Its informational expertise and nimble adoption of the appropriate tools for an unprecedented public health emergency has allowed it to play a key part in the fight against Covid-19.


A snapshot of services


HSE Library, Health Service Executive. Dr. Steevens' Library, Dr. Steevens' Hospital, Dublin 8. D08 W2A8 Tel: 01-6352555/8. Email: