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Covid-19 HSE Clinical Guidance and Evidence

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  Frequently Asked Questions about the COVID-19 Vaccine (NIO Link)
  FAQs for Healthcare Professionals - Covid-19 Vaccination for Adult Patients with Cancer (VCD19-003/18.01.21)
  Frequently Asked Questions on Covid-19 Vaccination for people who have bleeding disorders (VCD19-006 / 24.02.21) (Download PDF)
  Frequently Asked Questions for people taking oral anticoagulation therapy (VCD19-007 / 24.02.21) (Download PDF)
| Specific Guidance for SARS-CoV-2 vaccination in Rheumatology patients (VCD19-001-002/12.05.2021)
  Guidance for families on COVID-19 vaccination and consent (VCD19-008 / 26.03.21) (Download PDF)
  Guidance & Practical Resource Pack to prepare for the COVID-19 vaccination programme in Disability Services (VCD19-002-001/ 22.01.21) (Download PDF)
  Guidance on diagnosis and management of thrombocytopenia and thrombosis associated with adenoviral vector COVID-19 vaccination (CD19-213-002 / 07.01.22) (Download PDF)
  Cross Specialty Paediatric advice on COVID-19 vaccination (VCD19-011 / 29.12.21) (Download PDF)
  Needle Phobia and Vaccinations Protocol (VCD19-012 / 19.04.22) (Download PDF)
  Immunisation Guidelines for Ireland - Chapter 5a - COVID-19 from the RCPI National Immunisation Advisory Committee (RCPI link) 
  Clinical Guidance COVID-19 Vaccination Version 48 (NIO link)
  Immunisation  Operational Guidance for COVID-19 Vaccination in Residential Care Facilities Version 10.0 (NIO link) 
  Pathway for patients who develop myocarditis and pericarditis after mRNA vaccination (NIO link) 
  Medicine Protocol - Comirnaty® (Pfizer BioNTech) (NIO link)
  Medicine Protocol - Comirnaty© (Pfizer/BioNTech) (Ready to use – Grey cap - Do not dilute) (NIO link)
  Medicine Protocol - Comirnaty© (Pfizer/BioNTech) Original/Omicron BA.1 (Ready to use – Grey cap - Do not dilute) (NIO link)
  Medicine Protocol - Comirnaty© (Pfizer/BioNTech) Original/Omicron BA.4-5 (Ready to use – Grey cap - Do not dilute) (NIO link)
   Medicine Protocol - Comirnaty® (Pfizer BioNTech) for children aged 5-11 years (NIO link)
  Medicine Protocol - Comirnaty Original/Omicron BA.4-5 (5/5 micrograms)/dose concentrate COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine (for children aged 5-11 years) (NIO link)
  Medicine Protocol - Comirnaty® (Pfizer BioNTech) for children aged 6 months-4 years (NIO link)
  Medicine Protocol - SpikeVax® (COVID‐19 Vaccine Moderna) (NIO link)
  Medicine Protocol - SpikeVax® bivalent Original/Omicron BA.1 (NIO link)
  Medicine Protocol - SpikeVax® bivalent Original/Omicron BA.4-5 (NIO link)
  Medicine Protocol - Jcovden ® (Janssen) (NIO link)
  Medicine Protocol - Nuvaxovid® COVID‐19 Vaccine (NIO link)

Summaries of Evidence

  COVID-19 Vaccine Studies (NIO link)


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